June 12 in Sci-Fi History: Get to the chopper with DJ Qualls!

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Jun 12, 2017, 2:00 PM EDT

This is sort of a controversial opinion around here, but team – Predator might not be very good.

It has its merits. People are crazy for it. It's sort of fun. Arnold Schwarzenegger pegs the meter pretty high on the Arnold scale. And the special effects are okay.

Anyway, Predator premiered on this day in 1987, and while people certainly went to go see it, critics thought it was pretty derivative and had a story full of plot holes.

Which, okay, yes, there's this list.

But like, come on. Get to the choppa.


Today is also actor DJ Qualls' birthday. Born on this day in 1978, Qualls is the lovable nerd, eccentric screwball, child-faced villain you've seen do some pretty cool stuff. Movies and TV shows like Supernatural, The Core, Z Nation. DJ!!

Happy Birthday, DJ. We’re giant fans.


Tomorrow: M. Night Shyamalazzzzzzzzzz