June 13 in Sci-Fi History: Oof, The Happening

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Jun 13, 2017

It was on this day in 2008 that The Happening premiered.

To roundly terrible reviews.

And look, we're not mad. We're just disappointed. One of the scariest tropes in horror, fantasy or sci-fi is something that comes along to make a loved one do something outside of their control. Zombies, pod people, possessions. The Happening really should have worked. The trees! Are making! People! Commit suicide!

And yet:


Counterpoint! Ooh! Ooh! Betty Buckley in the garden!


But then again, yeah, that's a no.


Sigh. Better luck next time, M. Night. (Don't worry, it's 2008, they're still going to be letting you take swings at this for YEARS to come.)

SO! On this day in 1962, Ally Sheedy was born. She was in WarGames and Short Circuit and whatnot. Let's go with that as today's topline event, shall we?


Tomorrow: World Blood Donor day. Get behind it.

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