June 17 in Sci-Fi History: Green Lantern was CLOSE, but meh

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Jun 17, 2017

We're in the summer of Wonder Woman, so talking about any superhero movie is always going to start with some kind of Look, it's no Wonder Woman, but …" So ...

On this day in 2011, Green Lantern premiered.

And … it has merits. For example:

Ryan Reynolds does a good job with the acting. And Greg Berlanti did a pretty badass job with the directing.

And then ... sigh. There's this scene where two amazing actors do their best to get through some serious dialogue problems and Angela Bassett has to basically twirl Peter Sarsgaard's mustache for him. Which would be fun if it matched everything else.

Thing is, despite the fact that it was poorly received and has a problem or two, it's sort of fun and worth another look.

Today also happens to be World Juggling Day. Set up by the International Juggling Association, the day is meant to raise awareness. About juggling. We wanted to make a joke about this, but the more research we did, the more we actually became pretty interested. Turns out, there are TED Talks on juggling. And they're fascinating.

Tomorrow: Isabella Rossellini and sex with bugs.