June 19 in Sci-Fi History: THEM!

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Jun 19, 2017

We're going to open with this exchange from our favorite Simpsons episode:

Homer: If we learned one thing from The Amazing Colossal Man and Grasshopperus, it's that radiation makes stuff grow real big, real fast.
Marge: But didn't Grasshopperus kill Chad Everett?
Homer: Only because he tried to reason with him.

You know why that's funny? Because it was on this day in 1954 that THEM! premiered in theaters. Notable for being among the first movies in which atomic-age tinkering with nature produces giant animals, THEM! has been roundly praised as one of the greatest early science fiction films in which giant ants, grown because of an atomic accident, terrorize the populace.


Today is also the birthday of actress Zoe Saldana, who's just sort of killing it lately. From Avatar to Star Trek to Rosemary's Baby to Guardians of the Galaxy, you can't swing a cat around modern science fiction without somehow finding your way back to Zoe.


When next you bump into her at a premiere, where she seems to be a lot lately, tell her happy birthday from all of us.

Oh, also, Batman Returns opened 25 years ago today. Watch this.

Tomorrow: Birthday Two-fer.

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