June 21 in Sci-fi History: Olds in Space

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Jun 21, 2017

On this day in 1985, Cocoon premiered and America fell in love with a movie about some trespassing senior citizens who stumble upon a fountain of youth. Directed by Ron Howard, Cocoon was sixth highest grossing movie of the year and audiences loved it.


The thing about Cocoon is that it boasts a crazy number of Academy Award-winning actors. It was like a Who's Who of oldey timey stars. This was a rabbit hole we went down willingly. Come along, won't you?

Don Ameche

The thing about celebrities who work forever is that you have to really go back to find out they were once the George Clooneys. Ameche made an insane amount of movies in the 1930s and 1940s. He worked solidly until his death in 1993. And he won best supporting actor for Cocoon.


Jessica Tandy

She played the title role in Driving Miss Daisy, ... and she's one of those actresses who was sort of in EVERYTHING, including several other on-screen team-ups with her real-life husband, Hume Cronyn. She was also in The Birds.


Wilford Brimley

He's still alive, though every few years a hoax about his death pops up. Brimley has some serious credits including The Thing and The China Syndrome. Despite being a pretty impressive actor, most people today know him as that guy who eats oatmeal and has diabetes.


Maureen Stapleton

She was nominated for three Academy Awards between 1958 and 1978 and she won in 1981 for Reds. She also has a small but hilarious part in The Money Pit. Here she is with Maggie Smith.


Gwen Verdon

Her creative partnership with choreographer Bob Fosse and her roles on Broadway ... Gwen Verdon was the business, gang. Also? She absolutely inspired Beyonce’s most famous video. You can watch "Mexican Breakfast" here, but check out this insane thing from Damn Yankees:


And finally, the token young: Cocoon has the Gute.


Tomorrow: Welcome aboard the Nostromo.

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