June 24 in Sci-fi History: Bill Pullman-palooza

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Jun 24, 2017, 11:00 AM EDT

Two distinctly different years, two premieres that gave us the finest moments we could hope for from the guy who’s not Bill Paxton.

First of all, in 1987, Spaceballs premiered.

As spoof movies go, and even as Mel Brooks movies go, it sort of has everything. John Candy as a dog named Barf, Joan Rivers as lady-C3PO, Rick Moranis in a helmet – everything. Plus, an amazing gag with stunt doubles.

Interesting fact? Brooks actually had George Lucas’ company do the post-production on the film, and one of their deal points was that Mel Brooks not create Spaceballs action figures.

And then there’s Independence Day Resurgence, which premiered on this day in 2016.

One thing you’re going to have to give Bill Pullman. He can Bill Pullman better than anyone else. The clip below gives you what you're looking for, but for our money there was no greater moment in that movie than when he decided to SHAVE THAT CRAZY BEARD before going off to fight the aliens again. You do you, Bill. 

Tomorrow: Replicants N’ Things.