June 26 in Sci-Fi History: David Bowie Monday

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Jun 26, 2017, 11:49 AM EDT (Updated)

We're going to keep this very simple. It was on this day in 1976 that The Man Who Fell to Earth premiered.

It's a surreal romp through a weird story about an alien who needs to get water back to his home planet. The cast alone does miracles. Ever wanted to see David Bowie interact with Rip Torn? Here you go:

Mainly, though, we're all still smarting from the death of Bowie, so to get you through the rest of Monday, here are videos of Bowie in space. All things begin and end in eternity, team.

"Life on Mars?"

"Ziggy Stardust"


Tomorrow: Garbage. And Tobey Maguire.