June 27 in Sci-Fi History: That Quiet Little Robot

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Jun 27, 2017, 6:40 PM EDT (Updated)

An adorable little story about a robot who falls in love with Barbra Streisand, foliage and then another robot. It was on this day in 2008 that Wall-E premiered.

Yep ... that was nine years ago.

The film is often noted for its ability to keep children's attention without all that much dialogue. Called "the most expensive silent film ever made," director Andrew Stanton drew on Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton films to help tell the story of a robot left on Earth to clean up humanity's mess. It won the 2008 Academy Award for Best Animated feature and is roundly loved for a lot of reasons, including:

That Repair Ward scene:

The whole bit about dancing:

That ending, tho:

Also, there's this weird live-action fan film:

Again, on your list of summer movies to watch, bump Wall-E toward the top. It's worth it.

Oh yeah. Today is also Tobey Maguire's birthday. Happy Birthday, buddy.

Tomorrow: We might go a little nuts for Paul Bunyan Day.