June 3rd in Sci-fi history: (Mostly) Happy Trails

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Jun 3, 2017, 4:55 PM EDT

Today is the first Saturday of June, and thus it's National Trails Day. Started by the American Hiking Society, the event aims to encourage people to go hiking on any number of trails throughout the United States. In their words, "every trail beckons adventure."

In honor of that (because legit, you should go outside and wander around the trails, team), we wanted to help encourage this kind of thing by pointing out great science fiction that takes place in the woods. Turns out, a LOT of that ends in murder. May we also suggest you take a trail down some lighter fare? Some suggestions...

Return of the Jedi (1985): Sure the ewoks are controversial. But Northern California looks AMAZING here.

Into the Woods (2014): Fun, weird, darker than anyone expected. 

Avatar (2009): Oddly satisfying. About to be one of the most expensive rides ever built. 

Disney's Robin Hood (1973): Seriously, it's been too long. 

There are plenty more, so please feel free to suggest some below.

Today also happens to be the birthday of Colleen Dewhurst, who was born on this day in 1924. Her science fiction work included a pretty amazing turn in The Dead Zone, and she was the uncredited voice of Satan in Exorcist III (!!!). Mostly though, she is remembered for her brilliant work as Murphy's mother on Murphy Brown. Dewhurst died in 1991

Tomorrow: Khaaann!