June 4th in Sci-fi History: The Wrath of Khan

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Jun 4, 2017

On this day in 1982, Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan premiered. It was, at the time, the largest weekend box-office opening in history, pulling in $14 million in its first weekend. Critics and audiences loved it, and not just because they were a little less thrilled with the first Star Trek film. The second film was directed by Nicholas Meyer, who went on to direct the sixth film as well, and who famously took a risk by never having Kirk and Khan actually come face to face (in person).

We all forget that. But it's real! (And worth a rewatch.) Best moments? There are a bunch.

The Attack:

Spock's Death:


Lets all remember that Khan also appears in the Star Trek: Into Darkness reboot, when Benedict Cumberbatch plays a younger Ricardo Mantalban. Yes. That.

It was also on this day in 2009 that Splice premiered. To less fanfare, but still:

Tomorrow: Cyclones for World Environment Day.

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