June was the best-selling month for comics in nearly 20 years thanks to Rebirth and Civil War II

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Jul 11, 2016, 3:48 PM EDT

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that comic books have become a massive cultural force these days, but it seems the medium is now reaching a height it hasn’t seen in almost two decades. 

New sales data show June 2016 was the best-selling month for comics in nearly 20 years, led largely by DC’s Rebirth lineup launch and Marvel’s latest event Civil War II (which conveniently ties in thematically to a certain big-screen blockbuster with a similar title). Analyst John Jackson Miller reports last month almost hit the highs from December 1997, when the “comic bubble” of the 1990s was just starting to burst. As far as raw numbers: June saw 8.53 million copies ordered, with $34.13 million in orders for those top 300 comics.

So, what led the charge? Not surprisingly, the first issue of Civil War II hit more than 381,000 copies, while the first Rebirth issue of Batman to spin out from the don't-call-it-a-relaunch hit 280,000 issues. Those numbers are gangbusters on their own, but then you have to calculate all the relaunched first issues from of DC’s Rebirth (which made for solid numbers) and Marvel’s continued success, and it all snowballed into one heck of a month.

Of course, as Vulture notes, it’ll probably slide back down for July (since first issues sell gangbusters, then things traditionally taper off for subsequent issues), but it’s still a great sign that there’s some excitement and buzz around the industry and medium.

What were your favorites from the month of June?


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