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Jurassic Park meets the Fyre Festival in hilarious faux-doc Jurassic Fraud

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Feb 7, 2019

Thinking about attending the Fyre Festival on Isla Nubar? Don't believe all those social media influencers, because this thing sounds like a death trap.

A hilarious new mashup has just hit the web dubbed Jurassic Fraud which envisions what Ja Rule's disastrous high-end concert spectacle in the Bahamas that ended up duping unsuspecting attendees might have been like if Jurassic Park's hustler John Hammond were running the place — and threw in a few of his favorite cloned dinosaurs for fun.

Put together by Nerdist, the remix parodies Hulu's new documentary about the Fyre Festival, Fyre Fraud, and shows our beloved cane-wielding venture capitalist called to account for the dangers he unleashed upon his guests in at his dino-powered amusement park.

The faux trailer intercuts footage from both Steven Spielberg's classic blockbuster and reboot Jurassic World as well as shots from Fyre Fraud including Bella Hadid and other social media influencers as it details the crimes Hammond and company (InGen to be exact) committed on his luxury island. 

Needless to say, the entrepreneur spared no expense, except the part about preventing his formerly extinct dinosaurs from killing unsupsecting tourists. Add in some choice quotes from Jeff Goldblum's Dr. Chaos Theory himself, Ian Malcolm, and a freakout from Sam Neill's "neurotic" paleontologist Alan Grant and you got yourself a party.

You're never too old to prey indeed!

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