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Just a Couple of Arselings: The Last Kingdom Podcast - Season 3, Episode 10

Nov 25, 2019, 2:00 PM EST

Hosts Alyssa Fikse and Jessica Toomer bid farewell to The Last Kingdom (for now), but not before reliving the third season's final episode and all of the bloody victories it gave us.

Uhtred steps up to become Edward's right-hand man following the death of Thyra. After convincing Edward that Alfred did pardon him, he pledges his sword to the young king and begins advising him on how to fight against the Danes. Aelswith is not happy, y'all. As the Saxon army assembles, Aethelred flees back to Mercia and Sigebriht rides off to gather his fyrd, though which side he'll choose is still in question.

Aethelwold, however, is repping Team Dane hardcore, joining up with Haesten and Cnut before marching against Edward. Brida sends Uhtred a message: She knows it was Aethelwold who killed Ragnar and Uhtred knows what he has to do. As the battle gets underway and both sides struggle to come out on top, Uhtred deals out vengeance for his brother's death and a surprising ally leads one army to victory.

Join FANGRRLS Jessica Lynn Toomer and Alyssa Fikse as they take you back in time and through every episode of Netflix's The Last Kingdom. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!

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