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Justice League cinematographer confirms Snyder shot black suit Superman scenes

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Dec 7, 2017

Cinematographer Fabian Wagner, who acted as director of photography for Justice League and helped reboot the gritty and goofy Victor Frankenstein, confirmed that the black, sunlight-absorbing suit donned by Superman in the comics was worn in scenes eventually cut from Justice League.

Wagner confirmed in an interview with Inverse that the costume, although looking “cool” and being teased for a full year, simply “didn’t [make] ... the final cut.” This costume helped Superman recover after returning from the events of Batman vs. Superman and Doomsday in the storyline “The Death and Return of Superman.” Henry Cavill, who plays Superman in the DCEU, teased fans with the picture below back in August of 2016:

Nothing, however, outside of some Blu-ray extras, seems to have come from it. This is just one of many, many scenes that didn’t make the final slash-and-burn cut of Justice League. Some savvy viewers were able to construct an entire supercut of shots from the trailers that didn’t make the final version. Somewhere between Joss Whedon’s entrance and the inevitable reconfiguring of film and story elements, audiences lost the post-resurrection comic-style Superman suit subplot.

One that Wagner, in the same interview, remained coy on was Alfred’s conversation partner in a scene that only made it to trailers (the "He said you'd come" line). While almost everyone thinks it is Superman (because of his welcoming words and the T. rex-esque jostling of liquids near him), Wagner stayed mum on the truth.

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