Justice League could be getting another team member

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Mar 26, 2021, 8:00 PM EDT (Updated)

There's a new team of superheroes in town. DC's Justice League team-up movie has arrived in theaters, but fans are already speculating about a new team member that could be joining the fight.

Justice League has officially arrived, and yes, the team is back together again. Or are they? The latest film has only reignited speculation of another team member being added to the fold: Green Lantern. After all, of the Justice League members in DC's New 52, Hal Jordan's Green Lantern is the only member not in the film. Add in the fact that some early marketing for Justice League included the tagline "Unite the Seven" and the case is building. Plus, there are a few hints in Justice League that might imply that Green Lantern is on his way.

In Justice League, Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) explains to Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) exactly what happened when baddie Steppenwolf last tried to conquer Earth. In the montage showing all of the forces who came together to defeat him, you can very clearly see a member of the Green Lantern Corps darting around. Hmmm. And toward the end of the film, Bruce and Diana cheesily allude to getting a table with six chairs with "room for more." Hmmm.

DC has announced their upcoming slate of films, and even though a specific date isn't set, there are plans for a Green Lantern Corps movie in 2020. So it makes sense that Green Lantern would join the Justice League. However, with the (pretty) recent history of a failed Green Lantern film (remember that time Ryan Reynolds was a DC superhero way back in 2011?), is it too soon to try again? And we haven't even begun to discuss casting prospects.

If nothing else, Justice League could use a little green in the gritty, drab color palette.

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