Justice League Dark still in development, but apparently without Guillermo del Toro

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Jul 4, 2015, 12:30 PM EDT (Updated)

Warner Bros. announced some studio shuffling for its DC and Vertigo movies, but the most interesting story was one that kind of slipped in with the details.

Basically, the studio announced that major DC movies like Justice League and Wonder Woman will fall under the main Warner Bros. banner, while the Vertigo-centric projects like Sandman will be shifted over to Warner’s sister arm New Line Cinema. The move definitely makes sense and helps provide a logical way to distinguish the Vertigo projects from movies that are expected to fall within the connected Justice League universe.

Now, here’s the interesting part: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the long-gestating Justice League Dark project (aka Dark Universe) will remain at Warner Bros. This confirms that the film — which is expected to star DC characters like Constantine, Swamp Thing and Zatanna — is definitely still in development. It also makes it relatively clear that the studio aims to bring the dark fantasy corner of the DC universe into the main continuity with Justice League. Since Marvel is doing just that with Doctor Strange, it makes sense.

But it seems that long gestation process might apparently have caused the project’s original would-be director Guillermo del Toro to move on. Del Toro has been talking up Justice League Dark for a few years now, but the report notes that he may have to step away from the DC feature to complete his original sci-fi sequel Pacific Rim 2 (not to mention wrapping up his gorgeous gothic horror pic Crimson Peak). 

Considering that del Toro’s involvement was a big part of what had us interested in this project to begin with, it’s a crying shame to hear he might not actually be involved in bringing it to the screen. The man who made Hellboy needs to be the man to make Justice League Dark. Here’s hoping he’s able to work out the schedule to make it happen.

What do you think? Would you like to see a Justice League Dark without del Toro?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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