Justice League Deleted Scene- Black Superman Suit
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Justice League deleted scene: Superman passes on the black suit

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

In advance of the Justice League's Blu-ray release, Warner Bros. released a new clip today which should get everybody ready to revisit the world of the Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon film. With it comes some valitdation too, as it would seem that those rumors of Superman's black suit (worn by him in the comics after his resurrection) being included in Justice League had a shred of truth to them after all, as the new deleted scene briefly includes it. 

In the clip, we see a newly resurrected Clark (Henry Cavill) roaming the halls of the Kryptonian ship. As Hans Zimmer's familiar music from Man of Steel starts to play, a number of vaults open up around Clark. They would seem to be Kryptonian wardrobe containers, as one of them holds something that looks like an armored space suit (similar to one of Jor-El's suits in Man of Steel), and another contains the infamous black suit (as Warner Bros. has confirmed to SYFY WIRE). Clark passes on these, and he catches sight of a suit off camera— as his eyes focus on the light of the new suit, the other chambers close. Clark is most likely looking at the more colorful suit that he wears for the rest of he film. 

Take a look at the new clip here: 


Though it's really just an easter egg, it's a nice nod to Superman lore, as well as a connection to the Kryptonian design seen in Man of Steel. We can't be certain of whether this is a Snyder scene or a Whedon one, but the strong connection to Man of Steel gives us more of a Snydery feel. 

What other little gems will further deleted scenes uncover? We'll likely have to wait for the Blu-ray on Mar. 13 to find out. Will you be buying it, or are you a Snyder-cut-truther? Let us know below!