Justice League early buzz: Heartfelt and humorous, with a handful of flaws

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Mar 26, 2021, 5:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Does DC have a much-coveted critical hit on its hands? Justice League’s release date is only a week away, and pundits are taking to Twitter today to post their initial impressions from advance screenings.

The early buzz comes down heavily on the side of a good — maybe even really good — but sometimes star-crossed mashup of the top dogs in DC’s Extended Universe. The refrain we’re seeing over and over again, and it’s a big one, is that DC appears to have gotten the heroes right.

That, and Wonder Woman is apparently a scene-stealer.

As the tweetstorm indicates, most love the same things: a team of compelling heroes who share heartfelt rapport, acting that’s on point, and tons of unexpected humor. There’s some griping about villain Steppenwolf, and a few folks had issues with the lore and storyline.

But if the early buzz is anything to go by, Justice League may be another step in the DCEU’s avowed march toward upping its game.

"Uncanny Valley Face?" Ouch! At least that opinion seems to be the outlier.

Join us next week, when we'll all get to weigh in. Justice League opens on Nov. 17.