Justice League keeps Zack Snyder's initial vision intact

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Mar 26, 2021, 12:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Earlier this year, it was announced that Zack Snyder, the original director attached to helm the upcoming Justice League, would be stepping down from the movie after the tragic death of his daughter. Although Joss Whedon had already been attached to the project by way of penning some additional scenes, he took over the filming of those scenes, as well as post-production responsibilities.

Justice League isn't the only movie that's experienced some director-related upheaval this year, of course, but the film's cast is already speaking up about what -- if anything -- will change in terms of the finished product that fans will get to see in theaters.

In a Justice League-centric issue of Empire Magazine, actors Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa, and Ezra Miller each spoke about working with Whedon towards the tail end of filming -- and the general consensus seems to be that everyone was committed towards fulfilling Snyder's original vision for the movie.

Affleck specifically mentioned that audiences won't see DC's take on another Whedon film, The Avengers:

"Joss is more than just an Avengers director. He’s a good storyteller, full stop. In mid-stream, Joss got on and part of what interested him was the puzzle aspect of it, fitting in pieces that weren’t there yet. He put the rest of the pieces in and gave it his own imprimatur. Joss came in and walked a very fine line between Zack’s sensibility, tone, and direction. We found a really fun and inspiring synthesis of their two forms of storytelling. I was so glad everyone showed up to work for Zack.”

Gadot also emphasized that Whedon's role on the film was more of a joint process, with Whedon following the blueprint that had already been laid out prior. "This is Zack Snyder's movie. Joss only did a few weeks of reshoots. He was Zack's guy and knew exactly what he wanted to get."

At this stage, it's difficult to suss out exactly how much of Justice League will change from the script to the big screen -- but the overall consensus from cast members is that this has been a collaboration between two directors who respect one another, first and foremost.

(via ComicBookMovie.com, via Empire Magazine)