Breaking down the 20 most important moments from the Justice League trailer

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Jun 16, 2017, 9:34 PM EDT (Updated)

This morning, Warner Bros. finally dropped the first trailer for Justice League, and since then the nerdier corners of the Internet have been all about Parademons, Mother Boxes and Aquaman getting a chance to be cool for once. We already covered the trailer launch earlier, but since these things demand rewatching, it's time to take a closer look.

The Justice League trailer clocks in at two and a half minutes, and even though a good chunk of that is devoted to title cards, there's a lot packed in here. We get introductions to new supporting characters, copious amounts of fighting, a battle on a scale we probably didn't expect, and even a couple of jokes.

In case you missed any of it, or you just want to talk more about what you saw, we gathered 20 of the biggest frozen moments from the footage in the list below. Check 'em out, then let us know your favorite bits in the comments below.

Oh, and before we go any further, let's go ahead and have a look at the trailer one more time ...


Pretty Pictures

I don't know why Warner Bros. chose to open both the teaser and the trailer for this flick with shots of Bruce Wayne in Arctic gear, but this landscape is just gorgeous. Zack Snyder might not always have the best storytelling eye, but he can still deliver pretty pictures.


Batman on a Tauntaun

Look, it's Ben Affleck heading out on his Tauntaun to rescue Luke Skywalker! OK, so this may not be important at all, but once it was in my head, I couldn't shake it.


When A Mother Box Calls

Here's Joe Morton as Dr. Silas Stone, father of Victor Stone, aka Cyborg. You may recall that Stone was seen in Batman v Superman using a Mother Box to save his son's life and imbue him with cybernetic superpowers. It would appear that someone else is looking for his toy.


Mother Box Attacks

And here's that Mother Box, waking up to send out some pings while tucked behind Victor's football trophies. I know Stone is a scientist, but who leaves a Mother Box just sitting around the house like this? I mean, it is a great conversation piece at parties, but still ...



And this right here is why you don't leave a Mother Box just lying around. It's our first shot of a Parademon, a foot soldier of Apokolips. We'll see a lot more before the trailer is over.


Cyborg and the Mother Box

We've seen Cyborg in action before, and he's got a couple of nice moves in this trailer as well, but this is what really caught my eye: Cyborg and the Mother Box, together again. Is this the same one his father had, or another of the three that seem to have made their way to Earth? I don't know, but one of the biggest questions for this movie to answer is how the rest of the League will respond to these things, and to Cyborg's relationship with them.


Batman vs. Parademons

Snyder loves Batman's grappling hook, so here it is again deployed in a Parademon battle. As in that famous shot from Dawn of Justice, it kinda looks like he's swinging from nothing here, but it's a cool shot overall, and more importantly, this shot and the one following it reveal something for Batman: He's got a new suit. Or perhaps he just augmented his old one. Either way, there are what look like some sleek new patches of armor on the tights.


Aquaman (and his triden) vs. Parademons

This doesn't really tell us anything we didn't already know, but it's one of he best head-on shots of Parademons in the trailer, and I really like watching Aquaman's mid-air trident throw.


Cyborg Flies

Here's a nice moment when Cyborg shows off his flight abilities for the first time, complete with a break through the cloud cover that seems to be overhead in just about every shot of this trailer. It's also nice to see someone other than Batman silhouetted against the moonlight for once. It adds a dimension to Cyborg that makes me want to keep watching him.


Flash vs. Parademons

If I could alter one thing, and only one thing about what I've seen in this film so far, it would be Flash's costume. It looks so busy, like three costumes smashed together because the designers just couldn't agree on one look. Still, this is a nice face-off with a Parademon, even if the Parademon does look way too much like a Chitauri without its wings unfurled.


Batman is Very Rich

"I'm rich" is absolutely Batman's superpower, and I'm glad this Bruce Wayne is willing to flaunt it in front of the other heroes a little bit. It's a nice dialogue touch, and one of the few true laugh moments in the trailer. On a different note, I am really hoping that's a super-expensive sports car and not the Batmobile they're sitting in. It has to be a sports car, right? Bruce wouldn't just take the Batmobile out, right? Please don't do that.


New Batmobile

Speaking of Batmobiles, here's a glance at a new Bat-vehicle. I'm not sure what we should call it, but it's got some extra talents. For one thing, it can climb.


Cyborg in Human Times

The back half of the trailer features several moments of life outside the League, particularly for the new members. Here's Victor's, a nice shot of his days as a star athlete.


Lois Lane!

Amy Adams is back as Lois Lane in one of the trailer's brighter shots. What's she looking at? Has her Superman flown in for a visit from beyond the grave? I'll be very curious to see how much she gets to do in this film, especially beyond the matter of Superman's death, or lack thereof.



And here's Mera, Aquaman's wife, played by Amber Heard. I'm happy to see her, but this is one of my least favorite shots in the film. Beyond the fact that the water adds a hazy effect, she doesn't really seem to be doing anything. She just kinda swims up into frame and looks around. It's not particularly regal or strong or even vulnerable. She's just ... there.


Flash Visits His Dad in Jail

Here's Barry's moment outside of the League: Paying a jailhouse visit to his father Henry (Billy Crudup), who is presumably -- just like the comic book version -- rotting in jail after being wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife. This will very likely be explored in the Flash solo film (if it ever comes out), but I'd also really like to see a little talk about it between Barry and Bruce, who knows a little something about losing parents to senseless crime.


Parademons Attack!

Parademons attack! If it weren't for the spaceships landing, this could be a shot from the gates of Mordor. What I'd really like to know here is where this is taking place. It's probably Earth, but the scorched landscape definitely makes it look alien. We already knew the Parademons would be coming, but this shot gives us our best look at just how grand the scale of this film is. It's war.


Amazons Attack!

Amazons attack! Yes, apparently this war is so big that Wonder Woman's people have joined the fray, horses and all. I'll be very interested to see how Wonder Woman may or may not set this up, given the isolationist tendencies of Themyscira, and I'll also be interested to see how this moment in particular comes about. Do Parademons attack Themyscira, or do the Amazons bring the fight to them?


Commissioner Gordon!

It's J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, talking with Batman against the Gotham (presumably) skyline, hat and huge mustache and all. This is a moment right out of Zack Snyder's best Frank Miller dreams, and one of my favorite things in the trailer. I love Gordon's look, and I love Simmons in the role.


Aquaman Loves Joyriding

There are a lot of cool shots in the trailer, but one thing it's relatively light on is a sense of fun. Thankfully, Aquaman closes out the trailer on a high note, first telling Batman he digs his costume and then jumping on the Batmobile for a little Parademon ass-kicking. Aquaman actually seem to be enjoying himself in this moment, something this universe of brooding dark knights and scowling men of tomorrow has been lacking. This got me excited.


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