Justice League will be defeated at the box office by Pixar's Coco

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Nov 23, 2017, 2:56 PM EST

Pixar's new movie, Coco, may be about the Mexican Day of the Dead, but it still has enough life to kick DC's Justice League out of its top spot at the holiday box office. According to CBR, estimates have Coco finishing with $70 million at the weekend's end and Justice League coming in second with $60 million. A real blow to the Warner Bros. blockbuster during its second week in theaters. Where the comic book film will be weakened financially, Pixar's latest offering is expected to overperform from the initial projection of $55-$60 million.

Since its release a day ago, Coco has made $13 million, while the Zack Snyder-directed Justice League raked in $10.5 million, a meager return for an epic team-up of DC's most famous superheroes. Warner Brothers is expected to lose $50-$100 million on the movie, whose reviews have been tepid at best. Not even the outpouring of love for the film from fans was enough to save it. 

In the vein of Ratatouille, Coco tells the story of a young Mexican boy with a passion for playing music in a family where such a thing is forbidden. To find out why, he and his dog go on an adventure in the Land of the Dead, where his deceased relatives may be able to explain the mystery. The movie's design is based on Día de Muertos or Mexican Day of the Dead, a holiday that brings together families in remembrance of those who have died. It sounds a bit macabre, but Día de Muertos is actually a time of great celebration, lending itself to a colorfully animated movie based on its festivities like Coco or Book of the Dead.