Justice League will, surprisingly, be the shortest DCEU film to date

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Jan 22, 2021, 1:50 PM EST (Updated)

In just a few weeks we get the premiere of Justice League, the latest and biggest film in the expanding megafranchise known as the DC Extended Universe. Though it's not technically the first film in which any of the major characters appear, it is the non-cameo debut of Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman, and the first live-action film to feature the titular superteam in action together. It's kind of a big deal, to say the least.

To add to the scope of the film, Justice League will also feature the team battling Steppenwolf, one of the New Gods of Apokolips and, presumably, a herald for the coming of Darkseid, the biggest of DC's Big Bads. However you might feel about the way the DCEU has unfolded thus far, it's clear that DC Films is going for a true epic here, and we kinda expected there'd be an epic runtime to go along with that.

Apparently, we were wrong there.

According to a new report from Batman News, which has been confirmed by two major theater chainsJustice League's final runtime clocks in at 121 minutes, including credits. That means less than two hours of actual story on the screen, which makes it the shortest of the five DCEU films to date, half an hour shorter than its direct predecessor Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and 20 minutes shorter than this year's earlier DCEU hit, Wonder Woman. For the sake of comparison: The Avengers, Marvel's own original superteam movie, clocked in at about 22 minutes longer when it debuted five years ago.

So, what does this mean? Likely nothing. These days, when a Transformers sequel can clock it at nearly three hours, it's hard to imagine anyone complaining a movie will be too short. Hopefully Justice League is exactly the runtime it needs to be, which may have something to do with the input of Joss Whedon, who stepped in to finish the film and do rewrites after Zack Snyder took a break due to the death of his daughter. Whedon comes from the TV world, so he knows how to tighten up a plot if he needs to. It'll be interesting to see how Justice League comes together, and even more interesting to see what wound up on the cutting room floor.

Justice League hits theaters November 16.