Zack Snyder chimes in on his Justice League's colorful cast of heroes

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Apr 26, 2017, 2:50 PM EDT (Updated)

The rowdy new Justice League trailer just dropped on Saturday and the aftershocks are still reverberating through the interwebs, with fans of all levels expressing their feelings on the powerful promo. Whether you loved it or hated it, it has generated a lot of the hoped-for hype for this next expensive entry in the DCEU. Director Zack Snyder, no stranger to the loud lashings of critics, took to the offensive and discussed the merits of this first full trailer, the fleshing out of old friends, and his enthusiasm for the superhero sequel in a new chat with USA Today:

"The thing that’s awesome about these icons is that a lot of them we haven’t seen in the movies before on the big screen," Snyder said. "It’s kinda fun to really let (the actors) stretch their legs and inhabit those characters. It is a process to make a team out of this group of individuals, but for the greater good maybe they can put their differences aside."

On the Dark Knight and his increased leadership role in the film:

"He’s been a loner for certainly his crime-fighting career, maybe with the exception of Robin. When we meet him in BvS, he’s definitely at this low point of isolation. That was always our intention, that Justice League would be this continuation for Batman to evolve into a more complete hero."

Regarding the appearances of DC favorites Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash:

"They’re each such awesome personalities in the movie," Snyder elaborated. "You have Jason stomping around as this inked hairy man, just this mythic figure. And you’ve got Ezra, who’s full of life and hilarious and all over the place and amazing — a really fun and also poignant Flash. And Ray’s story is in a lot of the ways the heart of the movie."

And finally, his beliefs on the Man of Steel's shadow over the assembly of the superhero team:

"It’s hard to have a Justice League without Superman. That’s how I feel about it," the director joked. "It was always a super-intriguing concept to me to have this opportunity to have him make that sacrifice but also have him be this, in a weird sort of way, the why of Justice League: What do you do now with him? What does the team think? What does the world need? All that comes into play. It’s fun for us but it’ll be interesting for audiences what we do with him."

In formulating your own opinions of Justice League eight months before its release on November 17, it's helpful to remember, as one of my sage editors often reminds me, that these tentpole movies that are besieged with such harsh scrutiny are NOT made by lazy people. The collaborative efforts of hundreds of earnest, talented folks, their work deserves its time to shine on the silver screen for all its unintended faults and giddy triumphs.

Let's give Snyder the benefit of the doubt at this point and share in his measured excitement. You might be pleasantly surprised what a little goodwill might generate.

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