Justice League's Joss Whedon is apparently 'liking' tweets that diss the film

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Nov 16, 2017

It’s never a safe bet to presume too much from a tweet — or, in this case, from someone liking someone else’s tweet — but Joss Whedon gave the thumbs-up Wednesday to a handful of Twitter blasts that were harshly critical of Justice League, a film he helped write and direct in Zack Snyder’s absence.

Whedon appears to have hit the “like” button beneath a tweet from Vanity Fair Senior Writer Joanna Robinson, who called Ciarán Hinds’ Steppenwolf “the worst comic book movie villain of all time and not even Malekith the Accursed comes close.”

A fairly active tweeter who’s unafraid to share a political opinion or twelve, Whedon’s definitely demonstrated he knows his way around the platform. Following that first like, he went on to like a second tweet in which Robinson shared her idea of how a good comic book villain should be done:

Staying on Robinson’s thread, Whedon ended up liking a third tweet in which she essentially implied that Hinds’ character compares none too favorably with Tim Curry in Ridley Scott’s Legend.

In the wake of some optimistic early social media buzz from advance screenings, proper reviews for DC’s latest superhero vehicle this week have been more mixed. Steppenwolf seems to be a favored target for many reviewers’ ire, even among those who’ve praised the movie as a whole, so Robinson’s opinion is definitely not among the outliers.

But a lot of fans took the message from Whedon’s likes of the Justice League-bashing tweets to infer that Whedon was openly dissing his own movie, and the Twitterverse got an earful Wednesday. The worst of the vitriol is definitely not the sort of stuff we wanna quote, so if you’re interested in reading that sort of thing, we’ll just leave this here.

It’s just a little bit longer now before we’ll all be able to tweet our opinions (and hit that oh-so-mischievous like button). Justice League opens tomorrow.

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