Justice League 43 cover

'Justice Lost' comes to an end in this exclusive preview of DC's Justice League #43

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:04 AM EDT (Updated)

Next month, DC Comics will begin a shakeup of its Justice League line with the miniseries "No Justice," which will be followed by a new creative team (Scott Snyder on script and Jim Cheung and Jorge Jiminez on art) on the main Justice League and the launch of two new Justice League spinoff books. It's going to be a big summer for DC's biggest superheroes, but before they can get there, they have to make it through the end of "Justice Lost."

The latest arc of Justice League, from writer Christopher Priest and artists Pete Woods and Phil Briones, finds the League on uncertain ground that will test the very concept of what they actually call "justice." When the machinations of new villain The Fan led to the crash of the Watchtower station, the League found themselves in the midst of an African tribal conflict that Red Lion was attempting to use for his own gain. Now, wounded, ethically torn, and in the midst of a fight they don't always understand, the League face one of their most complex struggles in recent memory, and it all comes down to this. Here's DC's synopsis for the issue:

"'JUSTICE LOST' finale! Struggling to save one of their own and extricate themselves from the grip of war, the Justice League’s hand is forced by the mercenary Deathstroke! Decisions must be made about Red Lion’s brutality, the insidious tactics of the Fan and the League’s role as the World’s Greatest Heroes. When the dust settles, will the old alliances still stand?"

Check out our exclusive preview of the issue's opening pages, featuring an argument between Deathstroke and Cyborg, in the gallery below. Justice League #43 is in stores April 18.