Justice prevails as the Internet nabs guy who attacked Predator cosplayer

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Oct 22, 2013

Sometimes even the Predator needs a helping hand. Turns out that's what the Internet is for. 

There's a regular street performer in Birmingham, and he dresses as one of the most badass sci-fi characters of all time -- Yautja, aka the Predator. But apparently not everyone is a fan, because the performer was randomly attacked while being filmed. You can see the event in this video:

As you can see, not only was the performer pushed over, but he was pushed on top of a child while the cameraman laughed. While it is believed that both parties are okay, that's still pretty dreadful behavior.

Apparently the assailant himself posted the video on his own Facebook page before taking it down. But it was too late. The video was already being downloaded, re-upped and shared around with one goal in mind -- justice.

With over 36,000 views, the video quickly made its way to Reddit as well as I Am Birmangham, a site dedicated to sharing video highlighting the best of Birmingham. They reached out to local police, who tweeted:

@IAmBirmingham @brumpolice police are making enquiries into this but so far have not received any complaint from the victim

— West Midlands Police (@WMPolice) October 21, 2013

Now you might think that, without the victim pressing charges, that is the end of the story. Instead, a Birmingham Club reached out to city locals on their Facebook page, offering "free entry for 6 months" to anyone who could identify the assailant.

And the response came quickly. Apparently the identity of the attacker was revealed within an hour and a half and was passed along to Midlands Police.

Whether the alleged attacker will face any charges is as yet unknown. Still, it's always fascinating when the Internet, which is all about anonymity, is able to track down someone based on just their face in a blurry video in the span of a few days.

(via The Daily Dot)

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