Justin Lin revving up the engine on a Knight Rider reboot at Machinima

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Oct 28, 2016, 3:02 PM EDT (Updated)

Fast & Furious and Star Trek Beyond helmer Justin Lin is about to take the wheel for a new Knight Rider reboot.

Starring David Hasselhoff, the original series (a series I absolutely loved growing up) ran from 1982-1986 on NBC and was created by Glen A. Larson. Knight Rider followed the adventures of car driver/crimefighter Michael Knight and his smart talking car named KITT. A reboot starring Justin Bruening as Michael Knight and Val Kilmer(!) as the voice of KITT was launched in 2008, but only aired for one season.

According to Variety, the new reboot is set up at digital network Machinima, which is partnering with producer-director Justin Lin, YOMYOMF and NBCUniversal Brand Development in order to produce a new digital series that should air sometime in 2017. Knight Rider would be joining other original series based on popular franchises such as Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, Mortal Kombat: Legacy and Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. Here's what Machinima CEO Chad Gutstein said in a statement:

“Knight Rider is an iconic franchise whose concepts of AI and autonomous vehicles were science-fiction in the 1980s and are now science fact. Justin is one of the leading storytellers of his generation and we couldn’t be more excited to work with him on reinvigorating Knight Rider for a new generation of fans.”

I'm sure most of you guys already know this, but a reboot of Knight Rider isn't the only car-centric project on Lin's radar. He also has a Hot Wheels movie in the works at Legendary set for a 2018 release. Looks like the dude really loves his cars! (And the cars love him back?) Since it's super early days, there's no casting news yet, but I wonder if The Hoff will get to appear in the new digital series in some capacity.

What do you think of this news? Is Machinima the right place for another Knight Rider reboot? Is Justin Lin the right man for the job? 

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