Justin Bieber pulled over for cutting off a cop in his Batmobile?

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Dec 15, 2012

We're really not interested in Justin Bieber here unless Bieber turns out to be an alien. But he recently appeared on our radar—and the police's—when he cut off a police vehicle. In his Batmobile.

That's right. The 17-year-old Canadian singing sensation owns his own Batmobile. And that makes us jealous as hell.

According to MTV, Bieber's Batmobile is actually a highly customized Cadillac, modified by auto body experts West Coast Customs (which appeared in MTV's Pimp My Ride as well as TLC/Discovery's Street Customs):

As you can see from the photos Bieber's Batmobile features a slick matte black paint job—just how The Dark Knight likes it—and a Batman logo replacing the Cadillac badge on the grill with another on the back side. The trunk-lid is also emblazoned with "Batmobile" in the same matte black finish, but the coolest feature, in my opinion, is the addition of suicide doors.

Suicide doors? We had to look that up. But it's an awesome feature ... and it's certainly more convenient than the top-loading hatch door on the Tumbler.

Now we have to wonder if West Coast Customs added any more cool Batmobile features to Bieber's vehicle. After all, he can afford those dual front autocannons and explosive caltrops; according to Forbes, Bieber is worth $53 million.

At least he's spending it well.

(via MTV and TheMarySue)

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