Kaguya to the Moon on Sept 13/14

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Sep 13, 2007

Update: According to Emily, Kaguya has launched!

The Japanese lunar probe Kaguya (nee SELENE) is scheduled to launch on September 14 at 01:31 Universal (Greenwich) time -- 21:01 Eastern US time on Thursday September 13, which is tonight! Kaguya is a cool mission designed to look at the origin of the Moon (still somewhat of a mystery) and look into ways we can use the Moon in the future.

Via Emily also comes news that Cherilynn Morrow will be live blogging the launch, too. I've worked with Cheri in the past and she is a delight, so the blog will be fun! The Planetary Society has more info as well.

I cannot help but note that, as far as the US is concerned, they have chosen an especially auspicious date for launch.

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