Kansas School Board Once Again Opts to Crush Childrens’ Futures

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Nov 8, 2005


Kansas was the laughing stock of the world a few years back when they devalued evolution in their state science standards for young students. Their reputation was only marginally improved when the creationists who used misleading tactics to get on the school board were ousted.

But a new school board is in again. And they learned nothing since the first time: they voted to falsely smear real science once again.

I am upset by this, very upset. Intelligent Design is a virus, a parasite on reality, and it once again has a toehold, even after what is becoming a resounding defeat in Dover, Pennsylvania.

I don't have time to write my thoughts now, so instead I'll point you to my friend PZ Myers at Pharyngula, who shows just why the new school board is dishonest, misleading, and willing to destroy the futures of the very children it should be fostering.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

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