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William Zabka and Ralph Macchio's foot in The Karate Kid. (Courtesy of Sony Pictures/YouTube Red)

Karate Kid gets 30 for 30 mini-doc from ESPN ahead of Cobra Kai S2

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Apr 17, 2019, 2:25 PM EDT

The ongoing battle between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence has reached a new generation thanks to Cobra Kai, which follows up on the Karate Kid characters as adults. As the YouTube Premium show heads towards its second season, fans might be wondering about the epic match that made them legends in the first place? How about a 30 for 30? The ESPN documentary series added a short, fictional new entry that’s subject matter is just as memorable as, say, Michael Jordan’s retirement.

Entitled “Daniel LaRusso vs. Johnny Lawrence,” the special looks back on the iconic Karate Kid showdown after 35 years. The 1984 Under Eighteen All Valley Karate Tournament is analyzed by plenty of real ESPN contributors as well as the stars themselves, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, making for a fun and strangely informative parody.

Check it out:

As Johnny Lawrence is described as a local karate legend, the movie’s plot is recounted with all straight faces. LaRusso’s injury, surprise comeback, and yes, the kick. Fans of the original film that want to brush up on their history before diving into the pair’s modern adventures now have a video better than a Wikipedia page and with production so professional it might fool a few newcomers along the way.

Cobra Kai’s second season hits YouTube Premium on April 24.