Karen Gillan teases her big, bad, blue Guardians of the Galaxy villain role

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Mar 11, 2014

Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan has teased her upcoming turn as Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy, calling it “really, really funny.” Yes, really.

While promoting her new horror film, Oculus, at SXSW, Gillan told MTV:

"I always had total faith in the project, because the people who are making it are so brilliant, and have a long history of great films. So I knew it was in great hands."

She also added that unlike a Spider-Man flick, Guardians of the Galaxy is a big gamble for Marvel.

"I just think it's a new direction for Marvel, it's really, really funny. It's not taking itself seriously at all. It's tongue in cheek. And just to see people be excited about that new tone is cool."

However, even if Gillan finds herself to be a funny person and Guardians is a tad more humorous than previous Marvel flicks, it doesn’t mean that her character, Nebula, is gonna bring on the chuckles.

"Okay, so Nebula does not find herself funny. I find her hilarious. But she can't find herself hilarious, that's not scary."

If you were excited by the trailer's hint at a big fight between Nebula and Zoe Saldana's Gamora, then Gillan wants to assure you that the actual end product is going to deliver ... and not in a "girlie" way:

"Yeah, there's a big girlie fight sequence, but it's not that girlie. They made sure there weren't any nice pirouettes or anything like that."

The former Doctor's companion Amy "come along" Pond also spoke candidly of her and her character’s baldness (Gillan had to shave her long auburn locks for the role) and how it affected her, especially when sharing a scene with co-star Saldana:

"It was the saddest thing in the world. They'd use a big industrial wind machine when filming her, but when it was on me, it was like, 'Turn the wind machine off,' and it was like beeeeup."

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will hit theaters on August 1.

(via MTV)

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