Karl Urban could return in Dredd: Mega-City One series

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May 25, 2017, 12:42 PM EDT (Updated)

Fans have been clamoring for a sequel to 2012’s Dredd ever since the movie came out in theaters (and especially on home video). But because it bombed at the box office (despite being pretty darn good and faithful to the comics), the sequel never materialized, despite everyone’s best efforts — including star Karl Urban.

Instead, it was announced two weeks ago that a live-action Judge Dredd TV series titled Judge Dredd: Mega-City One (hailing from IM Global Television and UK games developer and publisher Rebellion) was coming our way and that it would boast some of the film’s executive producers in brothers Jason and Chris Kingsley, as well as Stuart Ford.

When the news was revealed, the question on everyone’s lips was, of course, if there could be the tiniest chance the Star Trek actor could reprise the role of Dredd. Well, that’s definitely a possibility, according to Jason Kingsley. Here’s what he told the official 2000 AD podcast:

“The great thing about Karl is, he’s actually a big fan of the comic book, and he’s a really nice guy, and I know him well enough to speak to him personally. We have had many conversations prior to this about all sorts of different things. He’s also a very busy full-time professional actor. So, we are going to have some long and complicated conversations, I would imagine, and we’ll see where we go. It’s too easy to tell yet. But if we can use him, and he is available to us, then I think that would be absolutely brilliant.”

Brilliant indeed! If you’re wondering, the show will be “set in a future where the East Coast of the U.S. has become a crowded and crime-ridden megalopolis.” Judge Dredd: Mega-City One will be “an ensemble drama about a team of Judges — futuristic cops invested with the power to be judge, jury, and executioner — as they deal with the challenges the future-shocked 22nd century throws at them.”

Since the series will be an ensemble drama instead of simply focusing on Dredd, this could make it easier for Karl Urban to return to TV (some of you may recall he starred in Almost Human a few years ago on Fox) as the iconic character. What do you think?

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