Karl Urban says 'conversations are happening' for Dredd TV revival

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May 2, 2016

With a potential film sequel seemingly not in the cards, the team behind the 2012 cult hit Dredd is apparently gauging interest for a small-screen adaptation.

While speaking at a recent convention appearance, star Karl Urban said “conversations are happening” in regard to a TV series/miniseries take on the franchise, after a hard push by those who loved the film (a fan petition zoomed past 200,000 signatures) to generate some buzz with streaming outlets such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. The film was a box-office dud, though it’s found a fervent fan base in the years since its home release. Urban apparently loved bringing the character to life and has continued to stoke the flame whenever he gets a chance.

So, who might these conversations be between? Urban didn’t elaborate (maybe he’s pitching ideas with his dog over breakfast?), though it stands to reason all the fan buzz is at least keeping the light ever-so-faintly on for this franchise to get a new lease on life. They’ll reboot just about anything these days, so if the Dredd fans can prove there’s a built-in audience for a miniseries, it could certainly happen. But, you have to remember, Urban has been trying to keep hope alive for years — and that almost certainly played a part in his comments here.

But he always could’ve said, “No, it’s dead. Stop asking me, please.” So, we’ll take “conversations” as a positive note.

What do you think? How would you like to see Dredd return?



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