Check out 'kickass' Karl Urban in 5 gritty new Dredd reboot pics

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Dec 17, 2012

After near silence the past several months, some new info and images are finally starting to leak out from the new Judge Dredd reboot. The latest? Five action-packed, badass stills.

Just yesterday we got a peek at Lena Headey's scarred face as the film's baddie Ma-Ma, and now we have some new looks at Karl Urban as Dredd—kicking down doors, running from fireballs and generally looking awesome.

The most exciting thing about these pics? Urban keeps his mask on. In all of them. Just like Dredd does in the comics. Judging by some recent comments by producer Stuart Ford, that should be a common theme throughout the film.

"The key thing on this version of Dredd was to stay loyal to the original character, and Dredd never removes his helmet, and that's a challenge for an actor, to make that character believable, and interesting," Ford said. "Karl grew up as a fan of Dredd and absolutely understood what we needed, and when people see the movie they'll absolutely see he is that Dredd. That dark, complex, unforgiving, but at the same time utterly reliable kickass Dredd character that we've been waiting to see in a movie for a long time."

Check out the gallery below, courtesy of Russian entertainment site Kinopoisk.ru. Dredd is set for release sometime this summer.

(Collider via Kinopoisk.ru)