Kate Bishop headlines her own comic in preview for Marvel's new Hawkeye

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:17 AM EDT (Updated)

With Clint Barton off headlining Occupy Avengers, the Marvel universe’s other Hawkeye is getting her own solo ‘book. Now we have a first look.

Marvel has revealed some preview pages from Kate Bishop’s new ongoing comic run, simply title Hawkeye, which will follow the young archer as she heads back to the West Coast to continue her adventures that kicked off in Matt Fraction’s acclaimed run of Hawkeye (which featured both Barton and Bishop). Kate will be working as a private eye once again as she looks to clean up the crime facing California.

The series is being helmed by Kelly Thompson (A-Force) and Leonardo Romero (Doctor Strange), so Marvel is definitely putting some solid talent behind the scenes. Kate has been one of the best, and largely under-utilized, characters of the past few years on Marvel’s roster. It’s great to see her get a chance to spread her wings a bit outside of Clint’s shadow, and it’ll be interesting to see how the fallout of Civil War II affects this arc.

This could also be a nice change of pace for the character in the wake of Fraction's seminal run. The short-lived All New Hawkeye was pretty much a dud, and moving Clint to an Avengers 'book and giving Kate the Hawkeye standalone is an excellent way to create some separation from the classic battle with the tracksuit mafia. 

The first issue of Hawkeye hits shelves Dec. 14.

Check out the preview pages below and let us know what you think: