How Total Recall made 2011 Kate Beckinsale's 'year of the bruises'

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Dec 14, 2012

Despite a resume full of action films to her name, Brit actress Kate Beckinsale says she's still nervous, and not always graceful, playing kickass heroines like her breakthrough role as Selene in the Underworld films.

"The whole reason I did the first Underworld was because, having done a lot drama and classical things, every time a there was a part that required a little bit of edge people would go, 'No, she's English and soft.'" Beckinsale told Blastr and a few select journalists at San Diego Comic-Con. "Then Underworld fell into my lap and I didn't know I could pull it off, because it's not really my sensibility. I'm not an action girl, really. I really enjoy doing this, but it's not necessarily my comfort zone. I get anxious."

Currently shooting the Total Recall remake under the direction of her husband, Len Wiseman, Beckinsale also recently finished production on Underworld: Awakening earlier. The actress laughed, "This year has been the year of bruises for me. I seem to be getting hit every day."

She continued, "And the bumps and bruises you get aren't from the highly choreographed fight scenes and wire stuff. But when you literally run up to a door frame with a machine gun and your whole leg is black. It's never the impressive thing that gets you hurt. I fell over on the set of Total Recall because my shoes were slippy, so I came rushing out with a bunch of robots and blew. Not very impressive!"

Speaking of Total Recall, Beckinsale plays Lori, the role played by Sharon Stone in the 1990 Paul Verhoeven film. Sworn to secrecy, the actress only teased that "It's a massive movie and a whole different world. I have a really fun, horrible character. I've never really played the real villain before."

As to why she returned to play Selene one more time, she revealed, "I wasn't sure whether I wanted to continue exactly where we left off with the second one. It seemed like there needed to be more of an incentive to explore new stuff to make it worth it for us and audiences as well. There are lots of twists and turns and different characters. The world is very different, so it seemed like a good idea."

Underworld: Awakening opens Jan. 20, 2012. and Total Recall opens Aug. 3, 2012.

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