Kate Mulgrew says Picard and Janeway were only REAL Trek captains

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Dec 17, 2012, 4:24 PM EST

It is a truth universally acknowledged among fans everywhere that there are five captains in the Star Trek universe: James T. Kirk from The Original Series; Jean-Luc Picard from The Next Generation; Benjamin Sisko from Deep Space Nine; Kathryn Janeway from Voyager and Jonathan Archer from Enterprise.

However, according to actress Kate Mulgrew, who played Janeway for seven seasons on Star Trek: Voyager, that's not exactly true.

What the heck is this? "What in the Alpha Quadrant is Kate Mulgrew prattling on about?" is what you guys must be thinking right about now, right?

In an interview with Splitsider, Mulgrew was asked about a certain comment she made "that there were only two real captains, yourself and Mr. [Patrick] Stewart."

To which Mulgrew replied, "No, this is gonna go viral."

Then the journalist also mentioned that Shatner was not necessarily one, to which Mulgrew then said:

Well, there are only two captains who were lost in space who did seven years, okay? Deep Space Nine was a space station. Shatner only did three seasons. [Scott] Bakula was cancelled after four.

As you guys well know, Picard was never "lost in space," but he did do seven seasons of Star Trek: TNG and four films, so he was relatively busy in space as the captain of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D and E).

Then the journalist mentioned that Avery Brooks was only a commander (which was true at first, but fans will recall that he was promoted to the rank of captain in the season-three episode "The Adversary").

That's what I'm saying, it was a space station. He wasn't in space, lost in space. Patrick Stewart and I — Picard and Janeway — were the only two intrepid, lost-in-space captains. I really think that's true, right?

Do you agree with Kate Mulgrew's comments?

(Splitsider via Trek Web)

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