Katee Sackhoff responds to rumors she'll be the big screen's Ms. Marvel

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Sep 12, 2013

Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

Battlestar Galactica actress Katee Sackhoff is now denying she's actually up for the Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel role in a future Marvel flick, claiming her quotes were misinterpreted …

That’s what the actress revealed in an interview with Crave Online.

You know, you say one thing… People love a good story, even if it’s a story that has very little truth to it. If you go back and actually listen to what I said, I said that people have checked my availability. I never said Marvel [or] Disney so it’s interesting how people twist stories to serve an agenda that makes people click on their site, or sell their papers.

Hum. Oh. Okay, then. But what is Katee Sackhoff saying about the Marvel talk? Have they actually talked?

I absolutely have not spoken to Marvel. It doesn’t mean that my team hasn’t spoken to Marvel. I personally have not spoken to Marvel and have no plans to do a movie in the immediate future, because number one I’m tied up with Somnia which is a fantastic place to be. It’s exactly where I wanted to be.

Potatoes, potaaatoes. So Sakhoff is saying that she’s not talked to Marvel, but her team may have done so. Granted, it's not exactly the same thing, to be sure, so we'll let that one slide. For now.

About fans wanting her to be Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel, Sackhoff is also well aware that there are fans who simply do not want to see her play Carol Danvers. However, if Marvel comes calling, she'll not say no.

Yeah, I’m sure if we dug deep enough there is a sect of fans that don’t want me for Ms. Marvel so let’s just leave it at they want me for Ms. Marvel and that’d be fantastic. I would love to do the role. Of course I would love to do the role. I think that it’s in my wheelhouse and I would enjoy it. I’d be stupid to turn down a Marvel movie but as far as I know, Ms. Marvel isn’t even in the next movie.

While we're all for the BSG actress to play the role of Ms. Marvel, we're left wondering if Katee Sackhoff is simply just playing coy about it. What do you guys think?

(Crave Online via Comic Book Movie)

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