Katee Sackhoff is as clueless about Starbuck as everyone else

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

If you're hoping that the actress behind Kara Thrace can shed light on her character's journey from drunken hotshot pilot to the savior of mankind, think again. For Katee Sackhoff, the mysteries surrounding her Battlestar Galactica role aren't annoying—they're essential.

Asked whether she could shed any light on Starbuck's past, Katee Sackhoff had this to say:

"No. There's no reason to find out who or what she was. I don't think that's something that Ron [Moore] ever wanted. Who Starbuck was as a metaphor was always up in the air. She was always on this self discovery of trying to find herself the entire run of the show. I think it's poetic justice for her to end the way she did. There's no point in trying to figure it out, I think that would ruin what was a very simple end for her."

Check out the complete interview over at Sci FI UK.

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