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Katherine Waterston looks for her husband's killer in first trailer for State Like Sleep

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Dec 3, 2018, 9:47 PM EST (Updated)

It seems that Katherine Waterston didn't find fighting an evil wizard and his followers dark enough.

The star of the Fantastic Beasts series is using some unique Floo Powder to travel from 1927 to present day, hoping to try and find answers about her husband's murder in the first trailer for the noir thriller State Like Sleep. Waterston stars as Katherine Grand, whose husband Stefan (Michiel Huisman, The Haunting of Hill House) died a year earlier. She thinks that answers to his murder lie within Lebellfleur, a secret gentlemen’s club.

The film also stars Luke Evans (The Hobbit Trilogy) and Michael Shannon (The Shape of Water), who appears to be operating at peak creepiness. It’s a good thing Waterston has traded in her wand for a gun. The last thing we would need is Shannon using some odd counterspell.

Check out the trailer below...

Film noir has a way of making sure you don’t know characters motives until almost the end of a film. Thanks to this pedigree of stars, we can’t wait to see where they fit into this dark story.

State Like Sleep, directed by Meredith Danluck, opens in theatres Jan. 4.