Katniss fires arrows at Indiana Jones + more in brilliant mashup vid

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Nov 12, 2013, 3:10 PM EST (Updated)

If you think Katniss only uses her bow and arrow to survive the Hunger Games, think again.

With the third Quarter Quell soon upon us and Katniss headed back into the arena once more, it seems only fair that she get a bit of bow-and-arrow practice in.

So with just over a week until the U.S. release of Catching Fire, now is the perfect time to see what Katniss can really do. It turns out she can do quite a lot -- with a bow, specifically.

With that in mind, we present to you the following video, which does a brilliant job of mashing up The Hunger Games with a host of other popular films that just so happen to involve the bow and arrow. You're about to see Katniss take on Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, the Predator and a host of others. How do you think she'll fare?


As the title of the video suggests, Katniss seems more than capable of killing, well, everything. And everyone. So you can forget about Robin Hood, never mind about Lara Croft, it's Katniss Everdeen who you'd better keep an eye out for. That girl is on fire. And, sometimes, so are her arrows.

(via The Mary Sue)