Kaylee's kids and more Firefly talk from Jewel Staite's Reddit AMA

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Aug 21, 2014, 3:13 PM EDT (Updated)

Firefly might be over, but Jewel Staite's definitely not tired of talking about her days onboard Serenity just yet.

Like her co-stars, Staite's kept plenty busy since Firefly met its untimely end, with roles on everything from Stargate Atlantis to The LA Complex to The Killing, but that doesn't mean her heart has left the show behind. Staite conducted an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit yesterday to promote her new film How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town (no, we're not kidding), and plenty of Firefly fans were on hand to ask her questions about her adventures in the 'verse. As always, she was happy to answer quite a few of them.

So, given that we're still sore about losing the show too, we thought we'd celebrate Firefly a little bit today by giving you the best memories of that show from Staite's AMA. Check those out below.

On what part of Kaylee she most relates to.

Kaylee's a cheerful, kind, and often childlike space mechanic who won the hearts of many a fan, but when asked which part of her character resonates with Staite most, she ... well, she went a different direction.

"The randy part."

On the Kaylee storyline she never got to film.

There are, obviously, a lot of potential Firefly stories that will probably never be told onscreen, and for Staite, the best Kaylee story that'll never be is one of motherhood. 

"Kaylee needed to have mad babies. Like, a litter of babies."

On a strange battle with Nathan Fillion.

When asked about practical jokes during Firefly, Staite reminisced about an unusual prank war she had with her captain, Nathan Fillion.

"Nathan Fillion is responsible for any and all practical jokes because he'll do anything for a cheap laugh. We created a really mindless competition on creative ways of giving each other the finger which snowballed into a competition to the death ... I won. Sorry, Captain."

On her bond with the Firefly cast.

When asked for a favorite behind-the-scenes moment from the show, Staite didn't pick a moment from filming. Instead, she talked about the friendships she made with the rest of the cast, and it kinda makes us miss the show even more.

"My favourite moments were always the moments we spent on our downtime, usually at Nathan Fillion's house playing charades and drinking margaritas. I love those people. We have all held each other's hair back at one point or another. I'd do anything for them. But don't tell them I said that because they'll get big heads."

On an unexpected perk of filming Serenity. 

When asked what it felt like to come back and give Firefly a little bit of closure with a feature film, Staite revealed that making the movie actually had a neat fringe benefit.

"[Making Serenity was] Pure bliss and gratification. We needed closure. It's like after a bad breakup when your ex wants to rekindle things for a minute. PLUS we got to film on the Universal Studios backlot which means we got to ride the rides for free anytime we wanted, son!"

On what she kept from the set.

Unsurprisingly, Staite has a few souvenirs from her time aboard Serenity.

"Nathan took everything so basically the only things I was allowed to keep were the small things he managed to part with. The Kaylee's room door sign. The hammock from the engine room. And one padded bra I stole from my wardrobe, I'm sorry Mom."

On where Kaylee is now. 

When asked what Kaylee's doing these days, Staite replied that she's, of course, running the show. 

"Kaylee's kicked Mal down a couple pegs and become Captain, obviously. Simon looks after the babies."

For the whole AMA, including a little bit of Stargate Atlantis talk, head over to Reddit.

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