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Keanu Reeves' long-delayed sci-fi flick Replicas attempts to replicate the human mind in new trailer

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Sep 18, 2018, 12:40 PM EDT

When will movie scientists ever learn that playing Prometheus isn't always a good thing? That dude gave fire to humanity and spent the rest of eternity having his liver pecked out by a giant bird. Just sayin'...

A new trailer for the sci-fi thriller Replicas has dropped online and as you'd expect, things go horribly, horribly wrong after Will Foster (played by Keanu Reeves) attempts to bring his dead family back after they died in a tragic car accident. His plan is to basically bring the human mind back online in a new synthetic body, even after it has shut down from brain death. 

As you'll see in the trailer below, the human brain doesn't take kindly to being transferred into a robotic shell. Existential questions like "What am I?" begin to arise, before they turn violent and start trying to kill their creators. 

What arises is a mix between I, Robot and Self/less:

Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff (co-writer of The Day After Tomorrow), Replicas also stars Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley), Alice Eve (Iron Fist Season 2), and John Ortiz (The Cloverfield Paradox). The screenplay was written by Chad St. John (Peppermint), based on a story by Stephen Hamel (a producer on Passengers).

It's a wonder what's taking this movie so long to be released, seeing as the first trailer was released last October. And before that, it locked down a distribution deal at the Toronto Film Festival. Our question is: What is taking so long? 

Maybe the studio is retooling the film ahead of release, or simply sitting and waiting to try and find a decent release date? This new teaser doesn't even announce an adjacent release date, but IMDB says the Netherlands will receive the movie on Dec. 6, which is something, we suppose. 

The Playlist brings up a good point: After such a long wait, it could be so bad it'll only get a VOD release, with limited theatrical screenings...if it's lucky. 

For context, here's the original 2017 trailer: