Keanu Reeves says they have to figure out the 'show business stuff' for Bill & Ted 3

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Oct 13, 2014

It seems like we’ve been waiting decades for a sequel to Bill & Ted (because we have), and Keanu Reeves has opened up about the latest developments.

According to Reeves, the franchise's original writer/creators, Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, are hard at work on the script, and they’re basically still fighting to nail down the story and set the script at a budget level where they can actually get it funded and filmed. One unexpected hurdle: Bill & Ted apparently doesn’t have much international appeal, and since that’s where the box-office money is these days, it’s making things a bit tough.

Here’s an excerpt of what Reeves told Coming Soon about the project: 

“We have to get the script in the right place. Chris and Ed have been working really hard over a couple of years to get the draft in the right place. What is the reason to make this movie besides nostalgia or the love of these characters. Where can they be in their life that can be a story that is worth telling or has something in it and is funny? They have that. It didn't help that the first script that they brought in was probably budgeted at $150 million dollars. I don't know if Bill & Ted carry that much weight. Part of the argument is that it's not that popular internationally, that's where so much of the funding for movies comes from these days. They've worked on the script and the budget, just trying to get the right script and then get the business side wrapped up, financiers and rights, all the show business stuff…

[Bill and Ted have] been weighed down by the burden of having to save the world by the song, and they just can't write it. They're losing their wives and their children, they're losing their families … Yeah, they're just like, ‘Dude, we have to write the song!’ The future comes back and says if you don't write the song by this certain time the universe is going to unravel and history and everything is going to change and dinosaurs are gonna walk the Earth. Jesus is playing baseball! All sorts of weird things start unraveling and wormholes are twisting. We have to kind of bring order back, and it's connected into bringing our families together by writing a song.”

It’s nice to see Reeves remains hopeful they’ll get it off the ground, but with each passing year, you begin to wonder if this might be one of those ultimate vaporware films that will languish and languish until Reeves and co-star Alex Winter are just too darn old to pull it off.

What do you think? Is this still an excellent idea?

(Via Coming Soon)

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