Keanu Reeves updates us on that long-gestating Bill & Ted sequel

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Nov 17, 2014, 4:53 PM EST (Updated)

It seems like we’ve been hearing about a new Bill & Ted sequel for years, and now, after a year of silence, Keanu Reeves has finally offered an update. So is everything still excellent?

The script is still being tinkered with, and Reeves said the writers are currently grinding out another draft to see if they can move forward. Despite the lag time, Reeves said everyone involved is still psyched to get the band back together:

"There have been a couple of drafts [of a Bill & Ted 3 script] and right now we're waiting on the writers to come up with another draft. But we're all very excited."

We’ve already heard the plot will center on Bill and Ted as they try to grapple with the responsibility of writing the most rockin’ song ever as they try to come to grips with that destiny that apparently derails their present. Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) was attached to direct as of last year, but there's no word on whether he's still involved. 

Reeves has now revealed another wrinkle to the story, as they’re trying to work in a nice way to honor former co-star/comedian George Carlin (who passed away in 2008). Carlin stole the show in the original films as the boys’ lovable guide through the time stream. 

Are you glad to hear that things are still rolling along, or should the franchise stay trapped in the vortex?

(Via IGN)

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