Kelly Marie Tran's 'Laura Fern' is one of the nerdiest Christmas gifts of the year

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Dec 17, 2018, 7:00 PM EST (Updated)

One of the great delights of Star Wars: The Last Jedi was watching the world get introduced to Kelly Marie Tran, who got her breakout role in the form of Resistance mechanic Rose Tico. From her performance in the film to her red carpet reactions to her Instagram posts, fans have grown to love her. But what does Kelly Marie Tran love? Simple: Laura Dern.

Dern, best known to genre fans for her work in Jurassic Park and Twin Peaks: The Return, also made her Star Wars debut in the film as the fearless Vice Admiral Holdo. Seeing Dern finally get her shot at a galaxy far, far away was a big thrill for fans. Apparently it was also a thrill for Tran, as she ended up getting a very specific Christmas gift themed around Dern.

Earlier this week Tran posted a brief video to her Instagram account revealing that two of her friends had given her the Christmas gift of a small silver tree decorated entirely in pictures of Dern. The gift was inspired by the "Wreath Witherspoon" joke from the Hulu series The Mindy Project, which shares a similar decorating theme. Tran and her friends dubbed the gift the "Laura Fern." Get it?

Watch as Tran delights in her present while offering a little Christmas carol.

It's a delightful moment, and it makes you wonder what other pun gifts could be built around the Star Wars cast. Next year you could make some chocolate peppermint bark in the shape of Luke Skywalker and call it "Bark Hamill," which would also be a great name for a dog.

You could carve a pumpkin like Han Solo and call it "Harrison Gourd." You could even make a cheese ball with Princess Leia buns and call it "Dairy Fisher." Tie some ribbon around an X-Wing and call it "Bow Dameron." The sky's the limit. 

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