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Kelly Sue DeConnick's Captain Marvel cameo and how her run of comics influenced the film

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Jan 8, 2019, 12:02 PM EST

Kelly Sue DeConnick began writing Captain Marvel comics in 2012, and since then her run has become one of the most iconic iterations of Carol Danvers in recent memory. So, when Marvel Studios announced Captain Marvel would be the first female-led superhero film of the MCU, we wondered if DeConnick would be involved in some way.

On the set of Captain Marvel last May, Executive Producer Jonathan Schwartz spoke about how DeConnick's Carol Danvers influenced the upcoming film, which stars Brie Larson.

"There's a run of comics by Kelly Sue DeConnick that really gets to the core of the character in a way that we thought really made us want to translate it to the screen," said Schwartz. "She really understood Carol and really made her modern and vibrant and cool in a way that she wasn't always written as."

Luckily, DeConnick consulted on the film, even speaking to Larson about the role.

"And Kelly's actually been working with us on the movie and has been very helpful and consulted with us and shot a cameo the other day which hopefully you guys can all pick out," continued Schwartz. "But she kind of had a vision for Carol that leaned into her Air Force roots in a really cool way and leaned into the power of a character in the inspirational nature kind of at the core of Carol that we thought was super cool."

However, if you're ready to scour issues of Captain Marvel looking for clues of what might happen in the film, Schwartz says that wouldn't necessarily be helpful.

"I'd say it's much more useful as reference for the character than for plot specifics which isn't uncommon in these movies," explained Schwartz. "Sometimes we go and say we're going to make a movie about Civil War even though that's a little bit of an adaptation of that storyline as well.”

When it comes down to it, Captain Marvel is about the character of Carol Danvers finding her power and place in the world.

"I think we wanted to make Carol really inspirational. And not inspirational because she was perfect, inspirational because she was flawed," said Schwartz. "There's a lot of great stuff to draw from, both in Kelly Sue [DeConnick's] run and elsewhere in the comics from that. Certainly, some elements of her story needed an update for a modern audience, which we frequently do, and I'm hoping the audience will be along for the ride for that and excited for what we did with these characters.”

Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8.

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