Kenneth Branagh: Thor movie will be the opposite of Iron Man

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Dec 14, 2012

Thor director Kenneth Branaugh says his superhero movie will be the opposite of Jon Favreau's Iron Man movies—and surprisingly, even if you liked Iron Man, Branagh makes it sound as if that'll turn out to be a GOOD thing.

According to the director, neither he nor the source material is suited to Favreau's improvisational, shoot-from-the-hip technique.

Says Branagh:

"It's a different story, and also, in that regard, Jon is a bit of a genius when it comes to that orchestration and getting the max out of another genius in Downey. ...

"It's how you dance pretty close to the edge to get the sort of modernity and the edge that Iron Man has and the real sharp comic sensibility of those two men. So it's a different kind of dance.

"I think Thor comes from a different place story-wise and character-wise. We have both Norse histories for Thor, hundreds of myths and fables told in many different ways, in addition to what Marvel has pillaged for the past 40 years or so to come up with their version of things, which sits in very strong structure, a really strong narrative structure."

Hard to tell how this filmmaking philosophy will play out on the screen ... but we're looking forward to finding out.

(via Hero Complex)

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