Kenneth Calhoun's eerie Black Moon novel set for Hulu TV series, Sleepless

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Sep 23, 2015, 11:05 AM EDT

There's no substitute for a good night's sleep, as the characters in first-time novelist Kenneth Calhoun's "insomnia epidemic" book, Black Moon, can certainly attest.   Deadline has confirmed that producer Melissa Rosenberg (Jessica Jones) is developing this eye-opening fantasy book from 2014 into a new TV series, titled Sleepless, for the streaming giant Hulu.  Mike Cahill, writer and director of the two indie science fiction flicks Another Earth and I Origins, will take up the adaptation duties to bring Calhoun's unsettling novel to life. 

The book is a nightmarish descent into madness centering around insomnia and dreams from the points of view of several interconnected characters during the worldwide pandemic of wakefulness. It's an intriguing premise for an episodic TV series, with a Kafkaesque strangeness woven into a narrative similar to Wim Wender's haunting examination on the addiction of dreams in his 1991 movie, Until the End of the World.


Have you read Calhoun's Black Moon, and does this sound like a promising subject for Hulu's Sleepless series?

(Via io9)